Martha's Vineyard | Edgartown Lighthouse - Engagement Photo Session

My first trip to Martha’s Vineyard, I met up with Farah and George for their engagement session and then wedding. The moment I got off the ferry, I felt amazing: relaxed and thoroughly excited by the smell of the ocean. For this engagement session, we visited Edgartown Lighthouse, utilizing the natural beauty and the man made structures to help capture this beautiful relationship. 

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Classic & Timeless Engagement Photo Session in Boston

Monica and Joseph have known each other since Joe's parents moved in four houses down from Monica's when she was about four years old. They grew up riding the bus together, playing capture the flag, and spending most of their lives as friends. For a long time, Monica thought that she liked Joe. But they didn't actually start dating until after attending a Tom Petty concert in high school. 

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Boston Engagement Photo Session

There is such a simple beginning to the story of Morgan and Mackenson (Mack, for short): During their sophomore years at Mount Ida College, they met in an elevator on the way to their MicroEconomics class. Morgan started a conversation with Mack because "I thought he was so handsome!" As that semester progressed, they moved from sitting next to each other in class to fast friends that spent time together doing homework and class projects. 

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Engagement Photo Session in Charlestown, MA | Navy Yard, Boston MA

Anna and I first met in December 2017 at Caffe dello Sport in the North End of Boston. We talked over coffee about her upcoming 2018 wedding to George. 

Anna and George’s story began at a bar called Tia’s on the Waterfront. Their meeting came to be through college friends. Their first date was at Davio’s in the Back Bay, Boston, where they split a bottle of red wine. 

Last August, George proposed on a dock in Narragansett, overlooking the Newport bridge. In the five minutes leading up to this big question, George was so nervous that he didn’t speak to Anna at all! 

In their beautiful life together, Anna and George enjoy cooking, watching stand-up comedy, playing tennis, trying out Boston’s restaurant scene, and going for long walks. 

For this couple’s engagement session, we started out at their home, baking. From there, we went to Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston to finish out our time together. Anna and George are an amazing couple to work with - so much shared love and laughter. 

I am so looking forward to photographing their wedding this December in the Bostonian Boston Hotel

Custom Wedding Invitations | Meet Basic Invite

The story of a wedding day begins differently for every couple. It might be a logical next step after many conversations, or it might be a complete surprise for one half of the couple. It might be a public production of a proposal, or a private, two-person affair. It might be a combination of all of those! But the first step to sharing your special day with your loved ones always begins the same way: wedding invitations. 

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"Photoshoot Tips: Including your dog in your engagement photos"

6. Enjoy the process! If your dog doesn’t want to sit still for a portrait shot, I will make sure to capture plenty of fun, natural shots. This is a day to capture moments of your relationship with your significant other, and of your shared relationship with your loyal pet. It should be a fun and enjoyable day, regardless of any puppy energy or behavior. I’ll still capture the perfect shots! 

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Engagement Photo Session, Boston MA

This beautiful couple emulates gratitude and joy in every aspect of their relationship. And to think, it all started with a comment on social media! As Michael puts it, “One message. One moment. One marriage!” I can’t wait to see them again at their fall wedding! 

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Lake Pearl Wedding, Wrentham MA

I first met Gia and Drew at Starbucks in Waltham, MA. We gathered for coffee and talk of wedding planning. I immediately felt a connection with this couple due to their kindness and their wholehearted pursuit of happiness. Later that same day, if I remember correctly, Gia asked me to photograph their wedding. 

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Wequassett Resort Wedding, Harwich MA

This couple’s first date was at a Red Sox game. When Marco described Molly to his friend afterwards, his friend immediately knew Marco had found someone special. Molly was athletic, loved yoga, and had a true passion for craft beer. As their relationship flourished, Marco, Molly, and the same friend moved in together as roommates. While describing this time in a toast, the couple’s friend and self-proclaimed third wheel had these kind and humorous words to say about Molly and Marco’s relationship: “A child could be crying and an ice cream cone can brighten their day.

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Wedding in Saratoga Springs, NY

Walter’s proposal took place on the same day that he planned a surprise birthday party for Lora. He popped the question shortly before they left for the party, planning on celebrating both her birthday and their engagement with all of the family and friends he had gathered without Lora knowing. His proposal involved Eva serving as a sort of ring bearer. The whole production relied upon Eva coming when she was called… So, of course, nothing went as planned, but Lora said yes anyways!

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Barn at Gibbet Hill Wedding

I first met Liz and Peter on December 28, 2015, at Kaffmandu Coffee Shop in Danvers, MA. My sister was visiting from Ukraine, so she joined Liz, Peter, and I for coffee, conversation, and wedding photos. Both my sister and I immediately knew I just had to shoot their wedding because we all immediately experienced a wonderful connection. 

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The Bostonian Boston Hotel Wedding, Boston MA

How much does Boston mean to this couple? Charlotte and Ryan’s relationship originates in this city, grew strong in this city, and was finally confirmed here, in front of their family and loved ones. Even their wedding cake featured silhouettes of the Boston skyline! So it was truly my pleasure to have the opportunity to capture both their engagement and wedding celebrations.

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Boston Engagement Photo Session

Charlotte and Ryan have a true Boston love story, beginning at a rooftop party downtown and continuing in Harvard Square; even with many individual travels to other cities and countries, this couple always returned to each other in this city. It was only fitting, then, that we explored the beautiful streets of the North End, breezy Boston Harbor, and Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park for their engagement photos!

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Tewksbury Country Club Wedding, Tewksbury MA

Jessica + Elliot

Jessica and Elliot's October 7, 2016 wedding took place at the Tewksbury Country Club in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. Their love story, though, began six years earlier, while they were both skating for Disney on Ice in 2011. Their relationship began as a friendship, and developed romantically as time passed. Obviously, they share a love for skating, but they also enjoy cooking together and sharing their kitchen tips and tricks. Spending quality time together is a top priority for Jessica and Elliot. 

Elliot's proposal took into consideration something Jessica absolutely loves: penguins. When penguins find their mate, the male presents the female with the prettiest pebble he can find. While this human couple was in Colorado Springs, Elliot put a pebble on the ground before telling Jessica that he dropped something. Jessica didn't understand, so she turned to face Elliot, and found him on one knee, with a ring in his hand. 

Their wedding was a joy to witness. The Tewksbury Country Club was a wonderful venue for the event, with amazing food, a gorgeous set-up, and a celebratory atmosphere. The Country Club's staff made the planning of this huge day exceptionally easy for the couple, as they were trying to plan a wedding while still on tour! 

This wedding was an occasion where friends and family members of the couple were finally able to meet all of their tour friends. This day marked the first time that all of these groups were together in the same place. It was a true gift for the couple to have the full support of all of their communities as they began their journey as husband and wife. 

Cookie Eating - Family Photo Session

I have been blessed to take photos of this quintessential New England family for three years already. This time around, we enjoyed the freshly changing foliage in some fall plaid and sweaters. It is so sweet to witness these siblings interacting and running free and exploring the outdoors. Afterwards, we transitioned into their welcoming home in order to chow down on some cookies I brought for the kids to enjoy. They were so enthusiastic about the gingerbread, frosting, and sprinkles that I just had to capture the moment!