Wequassett Resort Wedding, Harwich MA

Molly + Marco

On June 23, 2017, Molly and Marco had their wedding reception and ceremony at Wequassett Resort in Harwich, MA. This stunning location received a 2017 Forbes Travel Guide Star Award, and is a member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc., a prestigious group of only 289 hotels and resorts worldwide. These awards describe a place that “promises comfort without conformity,” a description that perfectly fits Marco and Molly, a couple that balances real-life love with that found in fairy tales.

This couple’s first date was at a Red Sox game. When Marco described Molly to his friend afterwards, his friend immediately knew Marco had found someone special. Molly was athletic, loved yoga, and had a true passion for craft beer. As their relationship flourished, Marco, Molly, and the same friend moved in together as roommates. While describing this time in a toast, the couple’s friend and self-proclaimed third wheel had these kind and humorous words to say about Molly and Marco’s relationship: “A child could be crying and an ice cream cone can brighten their day. At that very moment nothing else in the world matters except that ice cream cone. This is what Marco and Molly do for one another. The look they have in their eyes when they see each other is the same look that I have when I see an ice cream sundae. And I look forward to seeing you be each other's ice cream sundaes for years to come.”

The ceremony itself was incredibly intimate and deeply meaningful. Molly wore a Leanne Marshal dress, and both she and her bridal party had their makeup done by Zena Rose beauty studio + gorgeous eyelashes were done Lash Dreamer. Marco and Molly exchanged personally written vows with their loved ones on one side, and the ocean on the other. According to Molly, “Marco’s grandparents who live in Puerto Rico and couldn’t be there because of health issues were part of the ceremony regardless - we had them send us sand from the island, which we combined with sand from the beach in Chatham I grew up going to.” Family members and friends worked together to make everything from stunning flower arrangements to a floral frame for photo opps to homemade cookies. Attendance at the wedding was kept to only 45 people, so every detail in the ceremony and reception was specially selected and filled with joy, love, and best wishes for the couple.

It was a true gift to witness the joining of such kindhearted and joyful people. Their ceremony and reception were so perfectly tailored to their desires, that it made my job easy! I just had to capture the small details and intimate moments in this beautiful location. I hope Marco and Molly continue into their future together with their eyes forward and those beautiful smiles on their faces.