Lord Thompson Manor Wedding

Lord Thompson Manor Wedding | Connecticut

Jessica + Davis


I first met Jessica and Davis through another connection I have in the wedding industry: Davis's sister, Kendal! Kendal makes amazing cakes, and we had previously met through another one of my clients. When it came time for Davis to plan his wedding, Kendal recommended me! (This wedding industry really is a small world!)

I met up with Davis and Jessica for coffee in order to discuss their wedding, and to give them a taste of my wedding photo style. They loved my work, and they decided to work with me right away! I was so excited for their wedding because their venue - Lord Thompson Manor in Connecticut - is so incredibly stunning. A venue like that makes my job easy! 

Jessica and Davis first met on Tinder in 2014. Now, in 2018, this is a pretty common way for folks to meet potential romantic interests. Back in 2014, though, the concept of online dating was still seen as more than a little crazy. Jessica and Davis talked for two weeks before meeting up in person for their first "unofficial" date at a Panera Bread in Franklin, Massachusetts. (Jessica calls it "unofficial" because their parents had no idea what they were doing!) Eventually, they shared their first formal date at a restaurant called North, located in Providence, Rhode Island. 

This couple shares an obsession for Mexican food. They are also both certified pyrotechnicians. This means they are certified to shoot professional firework shows! Jessica thinks that Davis secretly wanted to be married within three months of them dating. But he did manage to wait a bit longer than that. 

The weekend after Valentine's Day in February 2017, Davis proposed to Jessica on the cobblestone street adjacent to North. Their beautiful wedding took place on April 28, 2018. The vibe of the event was a great one, with a venue filled with loved ones, delicious food, lots of music, and so much fun. 


First Look at Lord Thompson Manor, CT.