Classic & Timeless Engagement Photo Session in Boston

Monica and Joseph have known each other since Joe's parents moved in four houses down from Monica's when she was about four years old. They grew up riding the bus together, playing capture the flag, and spending most of their lives as friends. For a long time, Monica thought that she liked Joe. But they didn't actually start dating until after attending a Tom Petty concert in high school. 

Their relationship goes back for sometime. It was a gift for me to be able to witness the beauty and ease of their love when I took their engagement photos earlier this year. Monica and Joe will be getting married on August 31, 2018, at Providence G in Providence, Rhode Island. 

After so many years of friendship, Joe started the romantic ball rolling with an AOL Instant Message to Monica, asking if she wanted to come play basketball outside. After spending hours playing, Monica returned home for dinner. Without asking if he could, Joe joined her. Joe stayed for two entire hours, sitting around the kitchen island and chatting with Monica's mom and sister. Monica remembers how much laughter Joe created, and thought to herself, "It's like he's part of the family!" Even this early on in their romantic relationship, Monica remembers thinking: this is it

After almost nine years of dating, Joe suggested to Monica that they make coffee and walk to Lake Massapoag. This idea was built from one of Joe's favorite things growing up: when his parents would take him and his brothers on Saturday morning walks to the lake near their house. So they went on this walk, sat by the water, and talked about their new home. Monica walked closer to the water to snap a picture. When she returned to the bench they were sitting on, Joe moved their phones out of the way. Monica thought this was a bit weird, but before she could think about it any more, she looked over and Joe was down on one knee! 

This couple has spent endless hours working together on their house's renovations. For nine months before moving in, they gutted the house, fell in love with redesigning their home together, and even built an eight foot dining room table of their own. In addition to tackling home projects as much as possible, they also love to eat out together with friends and family, trying new restaurants, breweries, and even new cities. Monica attended school in Memphis, and Joe went to school in Atlanta, so both of those cities hold special places in their hearts. After spending many great weekends together in Atlanta during college, they still love to return and visit their favorite places. 

It was a true joy to help them celebrate this huge milestone in their lives together. I wish them all of the very best in August, when they finally tie that knot!