Tewksbury Country Club Wedding, Tewksbury MA

Jessica + Elliot

Jessica and Elliot's October 7, 2016 wedding took place at the Tewksbury Country Club in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. Their love story, though, began six years earlier, while they were both skating for Disney on Ice in 2011. Their relationship began as a friendship, and developed romantically as time passed. Obviously, they share a love for skating, but they also enjoy cooking together and sharing their kitchen tips and tricks. Spending quality time together is a top priority for Jessica and Elliot. 

Elliot's proposal took into consideration something Jessica absolutely loves: penguins. When penguins find their mate, the male presents the female with the prettiest pebble he can find. While this human couple was in Colorado Springs, Elliot put a pebble on the ground before telling Jessica that he dropped something. Jessica didn't understand, so she turned to face Elliot, and found him on one knee, with a ring in his hand. 

Their wedding was a joy to witness. The Tewksbury Country Club was a wonderful venue for the event, with amazing food, a gorgeous set-up, and a celebratory atmosphere. The Country Club's staff made the planning of this huge day exceptionally easy for the couple, as they were trying to plan a wedding while still on tour! 

This wedding was an occasion where friends and family members of the couple were finally able to meet all of their tour friends. This day marked the first time that all of these groups were together in the same place. It was a true gift for the couple to have the full support of all of their communities as they began their journey as husband and wife.