Boston Seaport Engagement Photo Session

Julie + Christopher

I was grateful to join Julie and Christopher at the Boston Seaport in September 2018 for their engagement photo session. They make such a cute couple, which makes my job as their photographer even easier! Their fondness for one another was easily captured by my camera, and I had an amazing time working with them. 

Julie and Chris first met each other while attending school. College? High school? Nope! They've attended the same schools since the fifth grade. Julie and Christopher don't remember exactly when they first met, but they can trace it back to middle school. Even with all of that shared history, it took these two quite some time to connect more deeply. "We didn't really start hanging out with one another until college," Julie said. "We started going for runs together around Castle Island."

In August 2011, Chris attended the wedding of Julie's sister. They only count this as their first unofficial date, though, instead noting a nice dinner in October 2011 as their first official date together! 

Chris proposed while the couple was traveling. "He proposed at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland," Julie said. "It was our second day there, so we got to spend the next week traveling all over the country celebrating. It was incredible!"

One of their favorite past-times to share together is traveling. They try to go on a couple of trips every single year. In 2018, they went to Costa Rica and to Northern California, specifically Yosemite, San Francisco, and Lake Tahoe. They're not yet positive where they'll head for the honeymoon. "We have a long list of places to go, some close and some far," she said. "We also like to go to the beach together in the summer, as well as hiking, lounging at home together, and beer and wine tastings, breweries, and wineries."

In addition to their shared love of exploring, this couple shares a passion for reading. They both make a point to read many books every year, especially pulling from their in-home library. (Where all of the books are even organized by color!) While Chris can't pinpoint a single book as his favorite, Julie is able to point to Gone With the Wind. "I've only read it once," she said, "but I will definitely pick it up again one day."

With so many interests in common, it's easy to believe those are what keeps their relationship going strong. In truth, though, their favorite parts of each other have nothing to do with traveling, breweries, or reading. Julie refers to Chris as her rock, saying that he "keeps me grounded and comforts me when I need it most."

Chris has equally kind, loving words about Julie. "She is always so happy when we are together," he said. "It seems like it's the happiest she's ever been. We have fun no matter what we do. We could be picking out wallpaper and still have fun."

Their January 5, 2019 wedding will take place in the Boston Vinery. I can't wait to see what other adventures their marriage will bring!