The Bostonian Boston Hotel Wedding, Boston MA

How much does Boston mean to this couple? Charlotte and Ryan’s relationship originates in this city, grew strong in this city, and was finally confirmed here, in front of their family and loved ones. Even their wedding cake featured silhouettes of the Boston skyline! So it was truly my pleasure to have the opportunity to capture both their engagement and wedding celebrations.

The couple’s wedding ceremony took place at St. Cecilia Parish, a stunning space that was filled with people, happiness, and anticipation. The couple’s charcoal and coral color scheme - from the invitations to the wedding party’s outfits to the groom’s socks - was spot on and celebratory. This was unsurprising to me after Charlotte and Ryan so beautifully complemented each other during our engagement photo session!

The cocktail reception was held at The Bostonian Boston, a space filled with light - sunlight streaming through the extensive windows of the building, and in the smiles, laughter, and authentic joy shining out of every person present. The reception focused on dancing and an all-out celebration of this monumental day, which made it a joy to shoot.

This was the perfect time of year to capture moments both indoors and out. Because their relationship began on a rooftop at a party in downtown Boston, I ended our time together as close to The Bostonian Boston’s rooftop as I could get: a balcony overlooking the city. I can’t wait to see what adventure this couple takes on next!

Wedding Vendors:

Ceremony: St. Cecilia Parish, Boston MA
Reception: The Bostonian Boston Hotel, Boston MA

Florist: Hallie’s flowers
Bakery: Konditor Meister
Beat Train Productions
Hair + Makeup: 

Eye Lashes: Lash Dreamer LLC

PhotoBooth: Beat Train Productions